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Finally we are ready to reveal this: a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fanzine, centered around the theme of Fashion!

~~Perfect Star Perfect Style - PREORDERS NOW OPEN~~

★  12€ / 36 pages / 148 x 210mm/ Full color ★

★ Main Artists: Ayapus & Ar-raqis
★ Guest Artists: Kurkoboltsi, Piyohiko, Cir0u, Betamin, Millionfish, Coffee-giraffe

The zine consists of 28 full-page illustrations! The first 40 orders get a set of 6 stickers as a preorder bonus!

Shipping to Finland is included in the price. Shipping to Europe will cost +0.50€, everywhere else +1€ !

These preorders will end on 14th of April! After that, the books will go be printed, and start shipping after that. We’ll keep you updated on how everything is going! If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask! We are excited to share our love for Jojo, just in time for the Stardust Crusaders anime!! ★★★



Many thanks to Aya and Ar-raqis for inviting me! It’s truly an honor! 

pls forgive

pls forgive

Anonymous: would you be comfortable sharing your brush settings? ill understand if you don't want to !!

oh i don’t mind sharing but…i use so many brushes. I’m just gonna share my current faves:

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Anonymous: wahhh ive absolutely fallen for your art!! i love this artstyle and ive always kind of tried to drawn like it and failed miserable aahahah. please never stop draiwn g h hhu u u youre a great inspiration for me u uu


AHHH i seriously have no idea what to say my brain is not so good

t-thank you! and yes i will keep drawing until i day i dio




some twitter things drawr things

some twitter things drawr things